2019 (en)




Affonso Uchôa


  • Brazil


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Sete anos em maio, selected for the documentary competition

Script writer(s): 

Affonso Uchôa


The first story is “Sentinel”. João Evangelista stays in Contagem and works as a sentinel for drug trafficking. In the second story, “Warrior of the Sea”, he runs to Santos. He hangs out at “Bar Esperança”, a haven for the worst local scum. When someone asks when they’re going to change their ways, the answer is “tomorrow”. João joins the crew, waiting for the day that never come. In “Polignano Amare”, the final story, João run away to São Paulo. His brother goes after him and won’t give him peace. One day, João sees his brother lynched and sent to prison.  2019 presents an allegory of contemporary Brazil, a country marked by continued violence to the marginalized.

Visual concept: 

2019 means both continuing and opening new paths for my work. Just as in A vizinhança do tigre  (2014), Arábia (2017) and Sete anos em maio (2019), this film articulates reality and fiction through the transit between personal memory and artistic invention. But in 2019, I want to explore new paths of representation. I want the film to be distant from naturalism - sometimes even oneiric, unreal. Through sound mixing and text, I want the film to present its particular universe, a reality where some people can live different destinies. 2019 shall construct a world that can definitely only exist through cinema.