Arcoiris a Cuba (en)

Arcoiris a Cuba



Feature film




  • France

Script writer(s): 

Sonia Paramo & Jean-Baptiste Erreca

Foreseen cast: 

- Mariella Castro Espín, president of CENESEX
- Jorge Perugorría, actor in “Fresa y chocolate”
- Ricardo Carmona, gay taxi
- Marilyn Cortina, transsexual prostitute
- Ignacio Estrada and Wendy Iriepa, first couple civilly married gay and transsexual


Jean Baptiste Erreca


Mariela Castro is a real personality in Cuba. Daughter of President Raúl Castro, she is the Director of the National Centre for Sex Education (CENESEX) and also advocates for the rights of homosexuals and transsexuals. Today, Mariella is doing to change mentalities and establishes laws. In Havana, the power allows even a "Love Parade" called "Conga" where dozens of people protest for more democracy, timidly. Another revolution has finally reached the island of Cuba. Changes occurred in 1993 when Tomas Guiterrez Alea realized” Fresa y chocolate” the first Cuban film which opened discussions on the topic of homosexuality. What is less known, is that it had a great popular success on the island. So, with this theme, our documentary will be extremely controversial: supporters of the Cuban revolution will see an evidence of the tolerance of the system. But the testimony of Cuban artists and intellectuals, denouncing the repression against homosexuals in the years 1960 and 1970, will give a strong counterpoint to this story. With all witnesses of the film and surprising sequences, sometimes, our documentary looks like a light comedy with serious social issues.The film will bring a special focus on the subject and the director Jean-Baptiste Erreca, will  give a sensitive and joyful view about homosexuality in Cuba.
- Fresa y Chocolate Tomas Gutierrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabío
- The Mariel boatlift
- The UMAPS in the 60s and 70s


Visual concept: 

Is by the operator of photography of "Fresa y chocolate", Ernesto Granado, that film's producer has discovered how is living the homosexuality in Cuba. Ernesto will be the operator of photography of our film. In this documentary, we want a very cinematic writing, with cinematic tecnics and very strong  and different stories: that is why , the views of Mariella Castro and Jorge Perugorría, the actor of "Fresa y chocolate" are important. They allow us to understand the real situation about the tema of our film. It is why, show the work of Mariella Castro at the CENESEX is essential to understand the developments since 1959 until today. But we need the counterpoint provided by Jorge Perugorría. Many archives including the feature film "Fresa y chocolate" will bring breaths between testimonies. Cuban life, sequences with our witnesses will be filmed with slow movements of traveling and  crane.