Bate e volta Copacabana (en)

Bate e volta Copacabana



Juliana Antunes


  • Brazil


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Juliana Antunes


Paulinha (17) is an lonely and bored girl in the periphery of Belo Horizonte. All Paulinha wants more at the moment is to hook up with Gabi (18), the prettiest woman from the neighbourhood and her crush since last year of elementary school. Through a fight at the snack bar in which a stranger has her back, Paulinha meets Michele (19), a smart dyke, cool and tatted, ex-traffic dealer and fugitive. A big identification, added to the loneliness that surrounds them, makes an immediate friendship between both.Gabi wants to travel to Rio de Janeiro by an excursion, which called BATE E VOLTA COPACABANA. The trip lasts less than 24 hours and is done in an improvised way by people from the community. The passion for Gabi, added up to the desire to get to know the sea, makes Paulinha convince Michele to commit a petty crime in order to raise funds to pay for the trip and board with the girl to Rio.

Visual concept: 

Bate e Volta Copacabana is a roadmovie divided into 3 acts: Belo Horizonte city, Rio de Janeiro, and the world, here represented by the roads. With a fictional structure, the film will make use of documentary strategies as the presence of non-professional actresses in the casting and settings with “real” situations, such as Copacabana beach and the life at the favelas of Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. Having a structured screenplay the film will always be open to the risk of the real.