Berta soy yo (en)

Berta soy yo



Katia Lara


  • United States
  • Honduras


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Berta vive, selected for Cinémas du temps présent

Script writer(s): 

Katia Lara


In the most dangerous country in the world for the defenders of the environment, Milton Benítez, the tenacious Honduran journalist, follows the trail of clues he wrote down while meeting with Berta the day before her assassination. Helped by Almudena Bernabeu, the well-known international lawyer, he puts the puzzle together. What they find is a plot involving corporations and public officials, that mark a deadly pattern. The film fit together the pieces from unedited files, unsuspecting witnesses and an investigation into the shady contracts that Berta had been denouncing.

Visual concept: 

The first act ends with the assassination of Berta, then we follow Milton Benítez journalist to find out what killed a woman whose known destiny is death. As a fiction film Milton acts guided by what his friend denounced, taking risks through research, that reveals the clues, the suspense through the death threats directed at Milton, Gustavo and Víctor Fernández. The movie has access to OAS afficials and Almudena Bernabeu, and the story grows in complexity to get at the “truth” through privileged information that responds of what killed Berta.