Blanquita (en)




Fernando Guzzoni


  • Chile


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Fernando Guzzoni


Blanca (18) comes back to the foster home from which she escaped when she was only 14 years old. She knocks at the door with her baby daughter in her arms. A middle-aged priest, Father Manuel, takes her back into the home. A public sex scandal involving an influent businessman named Pablo Kahn unexpectedly puts the foster home in the spotlight when Carlinga, a fourteen-year old boy addicted to crack, and the main witness to the case, is sent there by the government services to be taken care of for the duration of the investigation. The boy has been systematically abused and is therefore heavily traumatised. The case gets more and more complicated as details come to light, with Carlinga receiving intense attention from the press. One night, after listening to a testimony from the boy, Blanca reveals that she was also kidnapped and raped at Kahn’s parties.

Visual concept: 

"Blanquita" is sustained as a follow-up and observation of characters. Throughout the film we see their evolutions, falls and intimacies. The camera and photography will contemplate the use of sequence shots that allow a more faithful temporary construction. The editing will seek a more vertiginous rhythm. With sound and music the idea is to produce an imaginary close to each social and aesthetic world contained in the story and thus reinforce the certainty with which this fiction is constructed.