Carmen (en)




Beto Amaral


  • Brazil


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Southern Sorceresses, 2020, Documentary Competition

Script writer(s): 

Beto Amaral, Murilo Hauser


Carmen is a free-spirited woman held captive by the world of manipulation and lies. Her tenderness hides the fury of an ocean. Like a rare bird locked up inside a golden cage, she looks for a way out in every single one of the encounters we follow her in over the twelve-hour period the film covers. A powerful man with whom she has a dangerous affair; a doctor who keeps her constantly anesthetized; an alienated woman who refuses to open her eyes; a young boy who feels suffocated being himself; the person she sees in the mirror but no longer recognizes.

Visual concept: 

Via the journey of a woman in despair consumed by power games, we undergo the sensory experience of being alive and alert in this highly toxic environment. The camera will be with her throughout the film while she observes her alienated friend, the games of corruption, the segregated nannies and the education of a young boy. The film aims to bring to light the idiosyncrasies of an elite that seems to be “dancing over a volcano”, as Jean Renoir said about France’s alienated elite in 1939 portrayed in his film The Rule of the Game.