Conte sous le solstice (en)

Conte sous le solstice



Maruani Landa


  • France


Short film



Script writer(s): 

Maruani Landa


Milla, a young solitary and disillusioned girl, does temporary jobs and lives at her grandmother’s in a small French village in the South West. One day, a mysterious dog arrives in the village. Assaulted for all sides by everyday gossips, the narrow-minded requirements of a work counsellor, the degrading looks and remarks of the men surrounding her, Milla gets progressively closer and closer from the dog. This one seems to be carefully watching her; and will lead her to definitely leave this world in which she can’t find her place.

Visual concept: 

We would like to insufflate a solar ambiance to the movie, with a summer suns starting to be overwhelming. South West villages, with their brick walls and endless fields, have a very particular way of structuring and sending back sunrays.
Also, these are transition sites still absorbed by the past that are little by little transformed by modernity. We are seeking for this aspect of the timeless village that will underline the form of a tale, a favourable territory for supernatural.