Deep true (fr)

Deep true



Eliane Caffé


  • Brazil


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

- Para onde Voam as Feiticeiras, 2020, Documentary Competition

Script writer(s): 

Eliane Caffé avec la collaboration du Quebra Mundo Collective


Deep True follows the journey of art collectives from Grajaú, a neighborhood at the extreme south of São Paulo city, that promote talents from what they name as "Cultura da Quebrada". After five years of experiencing different paths, they decide that it is urgent to resist the growing conservative waves that are taking the world. They come up with the idea of an unprecedented experiment: the first completely online co-production feature film made by collectives from conflict zones having a fashion parade as a common theme. After intense debates and through materials they found on the web, they elect Palestine and the Democratic Republic of Congo as their partner territories, for their presence in the major planetary struggles from our time. This is only the beginning, now they have the challenge of the language, and other unexpected situations they will have to find ways to go through.

Visual concept: 

Deep True is a metalinguistic fiction movie that connects and follows collectives, characters, and settings from conflict zones through a process that starts to roll with this eclectic group from its first steps. The narrative is woven with a polyphony of screen-on-screen connections, excerpts of documentary films in an effort of producing an auteur film in a collaborative way. The film is anchored on three axes: the characters’ fictitious situations; the documental aspects of their lives and territory, the interaction with materials from the web, as well as the experiment itself.