Dernier Contact (en)

Dernier Contact



Philippe Lespinasse, Pierre Carles


  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Pierre Carles et Philippe Lespinasse


In 1970, film director Claude Massot first met André Cognat, a French former steelworker, who had been living in the forest of Guyana, for nearly 10 years. Massot went on to direct 8 films, including the documentary series “Chronique de Quelques Indiens Wayanas". With Vincent, Massot’s son, who had accompanied him as a teenager, we repeat this same journey, following in his deceased father’s footsteps, filming the Wayanas in this digital age and consumer society. The film alternates between a personal journey and an exploration, relying on images of the past which it confronts with the reality of these self-subsistent and anti-productivist Amazonian peoples. Are they trying to preserve tradition and the way of life of the Amazonian people? What remains in 2017 of those societies which, in the aftermath of May 1968, had so fascinated Westerners in search of utopia?

Visual concept: 

The parallel use of modern filmed situations and Massot’s lost paradise archives will condition our way of filming and structure the narration, like a chronicle which is humorous and facetious. The directors will keep a film log, a spontaneous sonorous account which will be the narrative of the film. Pierre is intuitive and sceptical. Philippe is contemplative, idealizing encounters and situations. These two, occasionally dissonant voices, will mutually nourish the storytelling. Vincent Massot will make his own film log in contrast.