El fotografo de dios (en)

El fotografo de dios



Gonzalo Justiniano


  • Chile
  • France
  • Italy


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Marcelo Simonetti - Gonzalo Justiniano


Manuel Rijtman (23), a freelance photographer, and Burt Rodriguez (42), are both immersed in the pursuit of a strange photographer, Sergio Larrain (66), who decided some years ago to leave behind everything that he had achieved, primarily, a brilliant career in leading European magazines and in the most renowned photographic agency in the world, Magnum, to go and live as a hermit in a remote village of Valle del Elqui in the north of Chile. What moves Rodriguez is to find a supposed picture of God taken by Larraín that an important collector wants to buy for his private collection, no matter how much can cost while Rijtman¨s personal motivation is to find out a track linking the existence of Larraín with his missing father.

Visual concept: 

This story is about photographers and so requires an audiovisual treatment because it’s an important part of this story. On the one hand, the anecdotes of the central characters will have a more realistic style. In the trip through the desert the image becomes more "polarized". The heavens with a stronger blue, very white clouds, transforming. The luminosity of northern Chile will be used to achieve this sensation. Along with that, the locations in Valparaíso, Paris, and Rome will seek to rescue the environments where the famous Chilean photographer lived.