Innocenti’s family eter (en)

El éter de la familia Innocenti



Emilia Herbst


  • Argentina


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Una Aprendiz Invisible, Competion short fiction film

Script writer(s): 

Emilia Herbst


A girl lives in the outskirts with her grandparents because her parents cannot take care of her, the grandmother uses her as a means to sell drugs to survive while her grandfather continues playing dolls with her.

© Cesar Guardia

Visual concept: 

We usually film about what we know: those things that are either close and comfortable to us or stories that, for some reason, we wish could arrive to other people for them to interpret and reproduce in their own way. The story about this film is one that wants to be claimed. Because I was never interested in films which aboard stories using constant low blows, or those who try to moralize us. I decided to focus on the beautiful things that are usually omitted from the darkest times.