Juan contre les monstres (en)

Juan contre les monstres



Elvira Diaz


  • Chile
  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Elvira Diaz


Frontline fighters in Chile have been battling to defend their lands, resources and dignity since October 2019. Catapults, shields, laser beams… They are pushing back the army and the police, who for the second time in history are killing, raping, torturing, mutilating and getting away with it. Juan Saravia, a sandwich vendor, is part of the fight. Head of the Funa Comisión, he hunts down assassins from the past and present who are trying to escape justice. He leads the crowd to the den of these monsters to reveal their identities and crimes to the world. Among them, Juan is searching for his father’s murderer. A Communist Party executive, his father is said to have collaborated before he died from tortures in 1982. It is Juan’s aim to clear his name and confront those who have treated his entire family as outcasts in the name of dogma. For Juan, monsters are everywhere…

Visual concept: 

Juan conducts suspense-filled investigations. Each sequence brings a clue to the puzzle. The active viewer does the cross-checking. The poster refers to the 1970-ies sci-fi. Juan, with his people, is fighting monsters invading the planet. He lives in a concrete vessel where the ghosts he is avenging roam. The colour grading will be bright and saturated to underline the surrealistic atmosphere and the characters’ insanity. The music, composed by a musician from Toulouse, will be synthetic, sometimes noisy, in harmony with the 1970-ies sci-fi references.