Jujuy originario y metalero (en)

Jujuy originario y metalero



Fernando Romanazzo


  • Argentina





Script writer(s): 

Francisco Javier Saldarriaga


Four metalheads, Mariela, Carlos, Manuel and Estella, descendants of native peoples of Jujuy, northern region of Argentina where mountains meet desert and jungle faces giant salt lakes, decide to create a Heavy Metal festival to raise awareness about an environmental problem that affects their land, since big companies (mining, industry...) are exploiting the region. It’s their means to try to protect a land and its vital resource, water,vital for the survival of their communities.. By using a foreign way of expression making it part of their own culture, they create a melting pot where western culture meets native tradition. Beeing victims of discrimination and prejudice in their own land they chose to defend their identity , they claim their rights and improve the quality of life in their communities. A cultural counter-attack that breaks down barriers to make their voice heard beyond their territory.

Visual concept: 

The four stories will run in parallel alternating the sequences, complementing each other and finally getting together. Each character is tied to a specific film genre : western, film « noir », classic and war. These genres are very noticeable at first, but will dilute and generate a style that is local and specific. The editing of sound and image will be backed by heavy musical contrasts, mixing metal and local folklore.We show that the metalhead lifestyle breaks into that region but is also a part of it, which creates something exotic.