The kaiowas indians after the film (en)

Los indios kaiowas después del film



Feature film




  • Brazil
  • Italy

Script writer(s): 

Marco Bechis

Foreseen cast: 

The five main indians actors and the secondary actors of the film Birdwatchers


Marco Bechis


Going back to the locations of Birdwatchers to track down the protagonists: the Kaiowas. We don’t know  yet where are some of them today. It's been years since Birdwatchers was screened at cinemas in Brazil and around the world. The international press  thenwas worried about the genocide of indigenous peoples. But the echo of that sound is already extinguished, muffled by the media whirlwind.
The film wants to answer some questions: What are the consequences of that movie today in the Kaiowas communities? Has Birdwatchers become an instrument of the indigenous resistance strategy? And if so, how?
The return to the filming locations will launch a two-level parallel narrative: making films after the film, connecting different times (2007-2013). A before and after to discuss Kaiowá today. But also to discuss the film and its inevitable political implications.
The actors, real Kaiowas, will talk about their own present, the return to daily life after the shooting, individual and collective hopes and difficulties they faced after the crew left.
Short stories, episodes, which collectively make up a story. Kaiowas actors and also key characters of the preliminary investigation: the anthropologist, the white inhabitants of Dourados (filming location) and the technical team.
Who owns the film then? Who is suitable and who took control of what and how? Who owns this story? What role can play the film at the distance of years? Is it a "racconto" still connected, that “shows”?
Is it an experience still alive among the Kaiowas? These are some of the questions that will guide the documentary film "The Kaiowas after the film" , with the aim to investigate how a film approaches the reality that intends to shoot, and examine the social and political context in which the art practice occurred.

Visual concept: 

The film will be divided in chapters, and the viewer will be able to see it in different manners: the hole film from the beginning to the end or in isolated chapters, for web platforms.