La Imagen Latente (en)

La Imagen Latente



Antonio Borduque


  • Argentina


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Antonio Borduque


Helen (23), a young student from Switzerland, has been living in Argentina for a few years. For her surprise, her girlfriend Noelia (25) is suddenly unhappy and breaks up with her, leaving Helen to deal with separation and loneliness in a foreign country. Helen draws upon Marcelo, a Brazilian friend, making plans with him to avoid thinking about her ex. However, she can’t get over Noelia and develops an obsession. Her roomate, Fernanda, notices the sadness that looms over Helen and advises her to get rid of everything that reminds her of the interrupted relationship. Helen receives a tarot card reading that tells her that things will get better and that her future depends entirely on herself. Weighed down by her memories, Helen decides to gather Noelia’s belongings still present on her life and confront her.

Visual concept: 

I intend to tell this story under the scope of memory, using a non-linear structure to distance myself from causality. I’m interested in using photography to materialize the memories that imprison the character and her feelings in the past, focusing on the details that make the images unique through her point of view. I believe that portraying the characters from a distance allows them to breathe, but also it gives us space to look at them on moments of low conflict and reflection, in order to immerse ourselves in the experience of grief.