La Jauría (en)

La Jauría



Andrés Ramírez Pulido


  • Colombia


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Damiana / 2018 / Short film Competition

Script writer(s): 

Andrés Ramírez Pulido


The blinded desire of killing his father leads Eliú to kill a man by mistake. Now, thoughtful, he wanders around the luxurious vegetation that grows inside the ruins of a conspicuous abandoned farm. He and other teenagers wander around the place and inhabit it as the new headquarters for the imprisonment center they belong to. Under the gaze of the hostile rules of those who watch over him, Eliú spends his days immersed in the dense vegetation.

He can only find relief from the monotony during his mother’s visits, but she has stopped visiting him due to the cancer from which she suffers. He tries to capture a vulture; he believes that the animal’s blood can heal his mother’s cancer.

Upon suspecting that his father has returned home and that his mother is in danger, he tries to flees from the detention center abruptly and put end to the hatred that tears apart his soul.

Visual concept: 

In search of a realistic representation, I intend to work with non-actors. I want to work on the plasticity of their bodies and faces. I want to place the camera as close as possible to the minors, capture their looks, actions and silence in close-ups, feel them breathe.

My aim is to make a raw and emotional story, the rudeness and the monotony of the place must be felt. Each scene will have a sustained rhythm where the everyday life is perceived. I am interested in capturing images that create a warm and mysterious atmosphere.