La reina de Frías (en)

La reina de Frías



Ezequiel Radusky


  • Argentina


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Planta Permanente, selected for the Oficial competition

Script writer(s): 

Ezequiel Radusky


1970. Elsa (17) works for the Zurita’s family as a domestic worker. Graciela (17), the older daughter, is Elsa’s best friend. Both dream of a future together far from this village which stifles them. But, when everyone is asleep and Elsa is alone, DON Zurita (48), the father, comes to her room and rapes her. One night, Alonso (15), the youngest son, witnessed his father's abominable acts and, sometime, he rapes her too. Elsa gets pregnant and tries to hide it but Graciela realizes it. Together, they decide to find someone who could end the pregnancy. Graciela registers for the queen of student’s election for uses the prize money to pay for the operation. Doña Zurita (48), the mother, discovers their plans and pretending to be a ally. But, she will do everything to prevent abortion and keep the baby.

Visual concept: 

La Reina de Frías is a come back into the past who dialogues with the present and wants to highlights the dominance of the patriarchal structure in our intimate circles. In line with modern melodrama, this project is focus on the acting of the actors, important point of production film. And also, shows the portrait of a suffocating village in the north of Argentina.  I want to examine family like the first organization social and may be, i’ts the origins of many – if not all – the taboos that eat us, our existences as individuals.