¡Lo que nos faltaba! (en)

¡Lo que nos faltaba! / This is the last thing we needed!



Adriana Cepeda Espinosa


  • Colombia


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Kyakä La na (Lana Roja), Corto en Competencia Oficial,

premiere mundial.

Foreseen cast: 

non professional actors, possibly with one or two professional actors

Script writer(s): 

Adriana Cepeda Espinosa


Inspired by true stories. Storylines develop in parallel around a rural village in Colombia; Luis, an aspiring musician who has had to return home, Leidy, a teenage guerrilla who at all costs avoids combat, and Jason, the foolhardy chief of police who plots an impossible defense against the imminent guerrilla attack while his men conspire to flee. These storylines intertwine when the attack occurs. The police take off, leaving the captain alone to defend the town. All seems lost, when something unusual happens: Luis’s music inspires the villagers to resist the attack vehemently, yet peacefully. This changes the rules of the game and sets off a chain of unprecedented events that will change their lives.

Visual concept: 

Everything moves slower in the countryside, but not our camera. This town will be bursting with vigor and color, and joy. The frames and the mise-en-scène will work at multiple levels, often including absurd elements that will accentuate the humor of the situations. Todo se mueve más lento en el campo, pero no nuestra cámara. Este pueblo estará lleno de vigor y color, de alegría. Los planos y la puesta en escena trabajaran a múltiples niveles, con frecuencia incluirán elementos absurdos para acentuar el humor de las situaciones.