Los muertos están acostados (en)

Los muertos están acostados



Juan Sebastián Quebrada


  • Colombia
  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Juan Sebastián Quebrada


When their mother moves in to live with her new partner, Simón (15) and his brother Federico (17) experience a social uplift. In their new school, they meet the beautiful Laura, and Simon immediately falls in love. But his brother manages to conquer her first and sleeps with her at a party. Just a few minutes later, Federico dies inexplicably after falling from the apartment's balcony.
While his mother suffers from the loss of Federico and struggles with being unable to find the truth, Simon begins to behave like his dead brother. He even seems to find refuge in Laura, who he starts dating.

Visual concept: 

The aesthetic and the tone of the film will change as it progresses. The realistic universe of the beginning will be invaded, after Federico’s death, by phantom and dreamlike elements. I will progressively widen the frame and follow the characters with wider lenses. The sound will become more important, the silence more disturbing. I wish to achieve an atypical form of naturalism, where light does not illuminate the expected spaces, where the frame is somewhat off center, and the sensation of light or sound will matter as much as the narration.