My last adventure (en)

El largo adiós



Ezequiel Salinas & Ramiro Sonzini


  • Argentina


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Mi última Aventura - Section Competition short fiction film

Script writer(s): 

Ezequiel Salinas & Ramiro Sonzini


Two friends, Pelu (31) and Jandro (32), come up with a plan to steal a large amount of money from the house of Pichiqui (50), his boss. A few minutes after the robbery, Pelu and Jandro slides into the city on The Arrow, Pelu’s beloved motorcycle. Both celebrate eating at their favourite burger canteen. When Pelu gets up to go to the bathroom, Jandro betrays him and take all the spoils of the night, fueled by a lingering resentment towards his friend. As he escapes on the Arrow he is filled with remorse and decides to returns to apologize to his friend, who is no longer there. During that night, Jandro must find his friend to reconcile, while together they must get rid of a thug Taxi Driver sent by Pichiqui, who is willing to do anything to recover the money.

© Ezequiel Salinas

Visual concept: 

Dark streets and artificial colors changing with the syncopated and monochord rhythm of the street music. The camera following the motorcycle of our protagonists with the city lights reflected in their helmets, the police sirens that threaten, a slow transit to the end of the night. The story of a tragic betrayal that is not a surprise, and where the love-hate relationship of the characters tinges the story with the longing for a farewell and the urgency of an escape.