Neverman (en)




Rodrigo Barriuso


  • Canada
  • Cuba


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Rodrigo Barriuso


When dementia begins to progress, Lucía, a transgender woman living with Alzheimer’s at a transphobic nursing home, finds herself mentally repressing to a time before her transition. As the complexities of gender identity resurface, her sense of self becomes an emotional battlefield that she will have to defend and uphold.

Visual concept: 

The outside world will use warm tones and a fluid camera style that evokes a sense of urgency as Lucia fights against time and memory loss. As way of contrast, the nursing home will use somber tones and a carefully designed camera style that mirrors Lucia’s isolation. Throughout the film, Flashbacks will open a window to the time that Lucia is regressing to, allowing a glimpse into her complex life journey. These flashbacks add layers and create opportunities to leave the nursing home, diversifying the visual language of the film.