Padre e hija (en)

Padre e Hija / Father Daughter



Rodrigo Marín


  • Chile


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 


Las niñas (PANORAMA)

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Script writer(s): 

Rodrigo Marín

Visual concept: 

Father and daughter, has been a project that grows from the year 2008, time in which obtains CORFO script for the development of this story, writing a firstversion of the screenplay under the brain of Alicia Scherson.
In 2009 the project is selected for FUNDACIÖN TYPA. Being monitored and improved its production design by Bruno Bettati and Juan Villegas. Then the Rotterdam Film Festival we choose for ROTTERDAM LAB 2010, place of international meeting of producers and co-producers.
At the end of last year I receive a scholarship given by the Audiovisual Fund of Chile for completing the advanced workshop of script in the film San Antonio school los Baños, Cuba, where he perfected the treatment of history along with red July.
Finally the Valdivia Film Festival selects us last year for his co-producers AUSTRALAB meetings. Instance where ELREMANSO film is in charge of the project. As a protagonist of the project his joined the Uruguayan Daniel Hendler, being an important basis for the development of the film.
Being my third feature film, father and daughter is the greatest professional challenge I've had. Both writing and design production, father and daughter is the final step of a theme and style that I worked over my previous feature films. The time that we stop being teenagers to transform us into adult beings. It can be 15 or 40 years, but there is a moment in which there is no turning back and that is where I am interested in work. Set in a hotel, located in the middle of a forest snowy in the South of Chile. Father and daughter takes place in a location which impresses by its visual power and particularity. I feel that this story and original in their point of view, is necessary because it shows themes of contemporary relationships; a separated father and his teenage daughter, their fears and needs. The theme of the family, growth, sexual arousal, midlife crisis and internal conflicts of these characters are the sample of a fragile society and still in exploration.