Paterno / Paternal (EN)

Paterno / Paternal



Marcelo Lordello


  • Brazil


Feature film




Sergio is an 53 year-old architect who works for his father, Hector, in the family construction company for 30 years. Year after year Sergio was giving up his professional dreams in favor of commitment to the familial business’s growth and Hector’s vision of success, in parallel with the progress of the city. Recife, the 5th largest city in Brazil, is undergoing an urban transformation, as strategic economic development plan for the northeast of Brazil. The city is receiving massive investment, guided by an ambitious elite. Here, the same mistakes made in other major cities in the world are being repeated in the name of blind progress. Today, Recife is the perfect place to profit.The current Brazilian economic boom and the discovery of Hector’s new cancer metastasis gives a unique opportunity to Sérgio take control over his own life. "Paterno" follows the strategies of Sergio to become the majority shareholder of the family business, enriching with a illegal mega-venture beachfront, where he’ll build his most ambitious architectural project. While waiting for his father death, Sergio discovers that Hector had another family with legal and equal rights to his assets. Something that could destroy Sergio’s plans of power, wealth and glory. But he’ll not let it happen.

Visual concept: 

Dramaturgically Paterno approaches the Tragedy’s stories of betrayal and speculation with a complex construction of characters of bourgeois drama. Cinematically Paterno will be driven by the main character's psychological state, presenting the tension of the protagonist through closed and restricted shots, interested only in the actions of Sergio. A camera work and soundscape that reveals Sergio's obsession and sense of urgency. When the truth about Hector is revealed, and Sergio’s crises begins, he’ll have to occupy a more open space mise-en-scene, where his body has to share scenic area with Others that confront his way of being and his choices.