P.Q.P. Puta que pariu (en)

P.Q.P. Puta que pariu



Aude Chevalier-Beaumel, Rodrigo Hinrischen


  • Brazil
  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Aude Chevalier-Beaumel, Rodrigo Hinrischen


I follow three Brazilian women who have prostitution in common as a source of income as well as being mothers. They come from different backgrounds, prostitute themselves in different ways, have children who they don't necessarily educate in an exemplary way, with difficulties that don't necessarily make them victims. Without romanticism, I film these three homes, focusing on the relationships with the secondary characters, companions, grandmothers, friends, who together form clans, at the antipodes of the image of the traditional Christian and patriarchal family so strongly defended by the current Brazilian government. I paint realistic portraits of these families commissioned by women who are strong from their experiences in a hypocritical and macho society and who, by reconciling social roles that may seem incompatible, give us matter of thinking.

Visual concept: 

I will approach these women gradually, like a friend, I will share their intimacy, their doubts, their complicity. Or as a cousin, I will be a part of the tribe. As an involved observer, I will draw portraits of these families, not always linked by blood. I will film the daily life and emotional relationships of these women, beyond the cliché of motherhood and prostitution. The professional life will be treated in a subtle way, often suggested or through testimonies off-screen.