Rio Turbio (en)

Rio Turbio



Pablo Agüero


  • Argentina
  • France


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Pablo Agüero


It all takes place by the side of a river, far from civilization. Walter catches trout for food. Yesi earns her living by washing clothes for the neighbours. Their romance is sudden, frank in all its innocent savageness. They steal building material from the neighbours and build a tiny shack opposite Grerio’s where they had met. Gradually, abject poverty transforms this idyll into an oppressive routine. And the summer brings along other temptations. Greta, a backpacker with a punk look, pitches her tent on the other side of the river. Blond, attractive and liberated, she unsettles Walter and Yesi by her mere presence. Walter feels attracted to her and Yesi is jealous. Greta sees in Yesi the prototype of the subservient woman and becomes obsessed with liberating her come what may. Misunderstandings, violence and sensuality lead to unexpected manifestations of love.

Visual concept: 

A mis-en-scene at the service of the actors. Two cameras, hand held. Format 4:3 which allows filming with two cameras very close to the glances without any overlapping. Natural light only, taking full advantage of the shallow angle of the light at dawn and dusk, owing to the unique configuration of light which the steep mountains trigger in the Bolsón area. There is almost no dialogue. Only what is spontaneous and incidental, no conversation. Glances, gestures, the music of nature. However, this is not a contemplative film. We are right in the action.