San Blas (en)

San Blas



Melina León


  • Peru


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Canción sin nombre, selected for découverte fiction

Script writer(s): 

Melina León


In the art district of San Blas, Cusco, lives a child artist named Valentina, the youngest of a family of artisans. Valentina is lively and strong and she is in love with the world that surrounds her. She loves looking at the old paintings of the local church where she helps the priests running errands. In the afternoons she goes to school, at night she takes part in organizing each and every one of the town’s religious syncretic celebrations. Valentina has inherited the artistry of her grandfather and her dream is to become like him. Nevertheless, Valentina has a strange mental condition that provokes her constant episodes of epilepsy and doctors in Cusco don’t know how to treat her.

Visual concept: 

The film will be a sensorial experience where we experience the hallucinatory character of Valentina, her art and religious beliefs. Everything should be charged and understood through the baroque feeling of belonging to two cultures, that of the Andes, and that of Spain. A constant fracture and mixture where there is violence and sometimes harmony. Where everything is complex, cruel and fantastic. Our world should transpire color and texture. The sound will heightened the absolute subjective feeling of being in Valentina’s eyes. The world we hear is Valentina’s world, with her hyper sensibility and constant sense of wonder, fath, clarividencia and fear of death.