Sujo (en)




Astrid Rondero


  • Mexico


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Sin señas particulares, (Astrid Rondero is co-scriptwriter and producer) selected for the official competition.

Script writer(s): 

Astrid Rondero


When Josue, a petty cartel gun man, is killed, he leaves behind Sujo, his beloved five-year old son. Sujo will grow up with his aunt, amidst hardship and the constant danger of the cartel. When his father’s destiny seems to catch up with him, Sujo will escape to the city, leaving his childhood behind. He will never know it but he will fulfill his father’s wish who named him after the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in the misery of his own childhood : a horse, black and pure, called Sujo.

Visual concept: 

The imagery of Sujo will feed on the contradictions of Mexican reality, a mix between crudeness and beauty. Flowers, colors and memorabilia in mausoleums, against rotten walls, bullet holes and dirty streets, where new capos are making their way into a soon-to-be forgotten history. In Sujo we will build a bridge between reality and dreams but the cinematography will not fall in the trap of artifice. We will work mostly with natural light and waiting, camera ready to get into the mystery of what we miss in everyday life.