Te buscaré hasta encontrarte (en)

Te buscaré hasta encontrarte



Ludovic Bonleux


  • Mexico


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Ludovic Bonleux


From North to South of Mexico, from the swamps of Veracruz to the deserts of Coahuila, from the industrial cities of the Bajío to the jungle of Guerrero, Ana María, Juan Carlos, Xochitl and Concepción are looking for a daughter, a brother, a father who disappeared without leaving any trace. They dig in the clandestine graves, investigate in the red districts, confront the corrupted authorities, and are constantly threatened by delinquents. They try, step by step, to show their fellow citizens the tragedy they are living aside with at least 30,000 other families. Thanks to that new family they are creating, made of seekers, of missing people, they manage to reconstruct  the Mexican social network. In fact, they are sure of one thing: from the clandestine graves in which they are looking for their loved ones will rise the hope of a fairest and peaceful Mexico.

Visual concept: 

When someone disappears, he leaves his relatives with a feeling of emptiness .That’s why I’ll film the characters in places where everything reminds them the absence of their loved ones, by using a low saturated image. The story will be told in and out of the frame, in order to make the spectator feel the gap, but also the danger to be an activist in today’s Mexico. During the film, the four characters will be joined by dozen other seekers, making the documentary a choral story, a collective experience against oblivion and impunity.