Un village tranquille (en)

Un village tranquille



Jules-César Bréchet


  • France


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

In partnership with Gindou Cinéma's fiction feature film scriptwriting residency

Script writer(s): 

Jules-César Bréchet


Rita, a thirty-year-old farmer, meets again Tom, the young burglar who assaulted her years ago. Both were damaged by the incident and now have scores to settle. However, in the town’s situation of distrust of law enforcement and vigilantism, what kind of justice can emerge ? That is what they will find out at the end of this long and disastrous day which will spare no one…

Visual concept: 

This movie was designed like a news item lived from the inside in almost real time. Following the guidelines of a thriller movie and the characters points of view, I want to share my distress and this way show how when we are deprived of a sane reasoning, we are subject to the worst abuses.