Zona Autônoma (en)

Zona Autônoma



Leandro Lara


  • Brazil


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Rodantes, Official competition

Script writer(s): 

Lucas Camargo de Barros


Mateus (12) and João Lucas (15) witness the murder of their parents by an unknown boy on the dark outskirts of São Paulo. After the traumatic event the two brothers become MT and JL and start living in an abandoned car where they sleep and remember the dreams they once had and of the family they can’t have. Things start to change when Dalyla (15), JL's childhood crush, reappears deformed after a boating accident. She is involved in a card cloning scheme and lures her older brother into the crime. In a parallel development, MT finds in a middle-aged woman, Irene, a mirage of his deceased mother. Marked by the death of her son, she transfers to the boy all the affection she has been keeping inside. When JL and Dalyla flee the police after being discovered, MT moves in with Irene. However, like Yin and Yang, the brothers cannot survive apart as if their lives depended on the same tragic act that destroyed their family.

Visual concept: 

An important element that makes up our history is the presence of fantastic elements. The world is no longer the same and arbitrary darkness casts the narrative into a different time-space. The intersections of reality and fantasy are key points from which to compose the relationships of the characters with the world they inhabit. An aesthetic path that combines poetry, violence and affection can generate much more interesting powers that, yes, can describe the fragmented, impersonal and traumatic world we live in.