La muerte no existe y el amor tampoco (Death doesn’t exist and love doesn ’t either) (en)

La muerte no existe y el amor tampoco
  • La muerte no existe y el amor tampoco

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Fernando Salem


  • Argentina




79 min


Fernando Salem, Esteban Garelli


Emiliano Fardaus


Santiago Barrionuevo (Santiago Motorizado)

Director of photography: 

Georgina Pretto


Antonella Saldicco (Emilia), Justina Bustos (Andrea), Agustín Sullivan (Julián), Susana Pampín (Úrsula), Osmar Nuñez (Jorge), Fabián Arenillas (Albert), Francisco Lumerman (Manuel)



Synopsis : 

Emilia is invited to go back to her hometown in Patagonia to spread the ashes of Andrea, her best friend. Emilia pauses her life and travels for the ceremony. The snow and the wind of the south are the setting of a trip to the past in which she relives her friendship with Andrea, she accompanies her family in the mourning and is reunited with Julian, her first love, who has just become a father. Emilia scatters the ashes and with them she lets go of her past, her family, the south and also, of love.


La muerte no existe y el amor tampoco was declared movie of interest by the INCAA in Argentina and thus received a production fund. It was also considered of cultural interest by the province of Santa Cruz, receiving a municipal fund.

Fernando Salem

Director's biography: 

Fernando Salem is graduated from ENERC. His first feature film How Most Things Work won the award for Best Director and Best Screenplay at Mar del Plata Festival. It was exhibited for 14 months in cinemas in Buenos Aires and was acquired by Netflix. His thesis short film Trillizas Propaganda! premiered at the Venezia Festival, was awarded in San Sebastián and winner of the Condor de Plata. Death does not exist and love doesn’t either, adaptation of the novel Agosto by Romina Paula, is its second feature.


2015 - Cómo funcionan casi todas las cosas - Fiction - 92 min.
2005 - Trillizas Propaganda! - Fiction - 15 min.

Production notes: 

Caudillo Cine is a young production company founded by Diego Amson and Fernando Salem, producer and director of the award-winning Argentine film How Most Things Work. Caudillo Cine makes fiction films, documentaries, animation series, TV shows, commercials and production services. Caudillo Cine is a vision and work. Hard work.