Loba (en)




Kiro Russo


  • Bolivia


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Kiro Russo


Community Justice is very common in rural areas throughout Bolivia. Many times, dangerous criminals were put to justice; some other times, innocent people were set on fire by mistake. MAX is a vagrant, a real life Tramp that spends his time at the Marketplace, making the saleswomen laugh to survive. One day he breaks into a house to steal and finds himself locked in. He ends up having a relationship with ANGELA, a blind woman.
FANNY and GERARD a couple that are in love with American culture, haven’t been dating for long. Once on a trip, after having a fight, FANNY walks into the Woods and has a bizarre encounter with a beast. When Gerard finds her, they wind up getting lost and find shelter in a big colonial manor. Everything seems to be in its right place, but when the full moon comes up she becomes a she‐wolf and attacks Gerard.

Visual concept: 

The images of two couples are contrasted in stories with elements in common.
The game of mirrors in two opposite stories. Two houses. The mise-en-scene is repeated in some sequences in the two stories. The darkness, which confuses the depth of the corridors of a house with the night forest. The image of the shadows in the house and in the forest. Some couples get together, others separate. The beautiful beast.