Officios Nocturnos (en)

Officios Nocturnos



Bruno Ciancaglini


  • Argentina


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Bruno Ciancaglini


Two amateur photographers are hired for a simple job : get a picture of a person. But the person they have to photograph is a man who works for an organization of postmen who distributes, at night, envelopes with strange messages in different homes in Buenos Aires. The envelopes contain a suicide video, and no one knows why they distribute that, but more and more people keep receiving that strange message. Throughout the night, the photographers will try to accomplish their task, failing in the city where they will be dealing with characters and setbacks that will turn that simple job into a nocturnal odyssey.

Visual concept: 

The film uses the noir film codes but then goes to other places outside the genre. The temporality of the story is one single night and the point of view is constantly moving among the characters. The concept of the envelopes is used to shift the characters through a dark and gray Buenos Aires, that Argentinian cinema has not yet explored. We try to create intrigue and suspense, taking codes of popular genres such as the noir or thriller, but then jump to areas where the story moves away from classicism and enters the realm of the absurd.